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The CRL Scale

The novel Certification Readiness Level (CRL) scale, including nine main steps, is a core milestone of CONCERTO that has been developed in partnership with EASA

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The CRL scale is designed to assess the future certificability of an innovative concept of operation, business model, and product/system, while engaging progressively with aviation authorities to facilitate future shared oversight activities. It is offering a crucial complement to the traditional Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs). Interested parties like applicants, tech developers, or system suppliers requesting EASA Innovation Services, e.g. Innovation Partnership Contracts (IPCs) or Pre-Application Services Contracts (PACs), should familiarise themselves with this scale to measure the maturity level of their product or Concept of Operations (CONOPS).


As explicitly described in EASA's Innovation Services, the CRL scale will be further detailed as part of the future certification methods and means of compliance developed within CONCERTO. However, EASA encourages any applicant, technology developer and/or system supplier to familiarise themselves with this approach when measuring the growing level of maturity of product embedding innovative technology and/or concepts of operations.

Download here CRL factsheet.


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