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Project Overview

CONCERTO is an EU-funded project, under the Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking programme. The project's overall objective is to develop technical data which will constitute draft regulatory material for future breakthrough innovations. 

EVA model
CONCERTO project overview

Its aims are twofold:

  1. to develop a comprehensive set of regulations on certification of aircrafts, together with a preliminary description of Methods of Compliance (MoCs) applicable to the three "thrusts" of Clean Aviation (Hybrid electric regional aircraft, Ultra-efficient short and short-medium range aircraft, Disruptive technologies to enable hydrogen-powered aircraft)

  2. to assess the feasibility of a digital certification framework to support collaboration and model based certification.


Certification is expected to improve safety, while shortening time to bring new safe products to market and into service and maintaining European leadership and competitiveness.

The results are expected to be transposable and scalable to different product lines and aircraft segments such as general aviation, rotorcraft, business jets and commercial medium-long range, affecting the complete fleet.


The composition of the project’s consortium reflects a smart mix of aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, research centres, universities, SME and PLM experts. Playing a pivotal role between innovation and the development of safety, security or environmental protection standards, EASA experts are involved, acting together with industrial and research technical teams for the conception, endorsement of new solutions and enhancement of the international community acceptance.

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