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CONCERTO's 1st Annual Review Meeting

The CONCERTO project recently marked a significant milestone with its 1st Annual Review Meeting. This event is a pivotal moment in the project's journey toward establishing groundbreaking certification methods and means of compliance for disruptive technologies.

The CONCERTO project is an ambitious European initiative under the Clean Aviation programme, aimed at developing and implementing novel certification methods and means of compliance for emerging and disruptive technologies. The project brings together a consortium of experts, innovators, and regulatory authorities dedicated to establishing a framework for ensuring the safety, quality, and effectiveness of cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry.

The 1st Annual Review Meeting represented a vital moment in assessing the progress and outcomes achieved in the first six months of implementation. This meeting gathered all project partners from across Europe in the Clean Aviation premises in Brussels, Belgium, including regulatory bodies, technology developers, researchers, and industry leaders, with the common goal of advancing the development of certification methods for disruptive technologies.

The meeting not only marked a significant milestone in the development of certification methods for disruptive technologies but also received resounding positive feedback from experts in the field. As the project continues to refine its methodologies and adapt to emerging challenges, it holds the promise of transforming the regulatory landscape and fostering responsible, secure, and innovative integration of disruptive technologies.


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