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Steering Committe #5 & Project Management Committee #3 Meetings

CONCERTO Steering Committee & Project Management Commitee meetings

Last week, the CONCERTO project, a cornerstone of Clean Aviation's initiatives, marked another significant stride towards revolutionizing the future of aircraft certification. Representatives from our consortium convened both at the prestigious ONERA premises in Lille, France, and online, embodying the spirit of unity and shared vision that drives our mission forward. These meetings were not just a testament to the project's progress but also a showcase of the unparalleled dedication among our partners.


A fusion of minds and ideas

The synergy between the Steering Committee and Project Management Committee was palpable, as discussions focused on ensuring the efficiency and impact of our project implementation. It's inspiring to see how diverse expertise and perspectives converge to forge a unified path towards our ambitious goals.


An exclusive sneak peek into future innovations

A highlight of our gathering was an exclusive tour guided to the ONERA wind tunnel. It was a moment of pride and awe as partners witnessed firsthand the EVA model and the cutting-edge aeroelasticity tests underway. These tests are not just procedures; they are the steppingstones towards creating safer, more efficient, and sustainable aviation technologies.


A commitment to collaboration and excellence

The CONCERTO project is more than a consortium; it's a testament to what can be achieved when collaboration meets innovation. Our journey is fueled by the passion to create a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable future for aviation. The recent meetings underscored our commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations set forth by the Clean Aviation initiative.


As we move forward, let's carry the momentum to propel our project towards its successful realization. We extend our profound gratitude to ONERA for graciously hosting our Steering and Project Management Committees meetings at their Lille premises, providing an inspiring backdrop for our collaborative efforts and the exclusive wind tunnel tour that left us all awe inspired.

Together, we are not just designing the future of aviation; we are setting the standard for it.


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