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MEA2024: Hydrogen Aircraft Certification: Determination of Regulatory Gaps

This February, our esteemed CONCERTO partners from ISAE-SUPAERO and Airbus took the stage at the More Electric Aircraft 2024 conference in Toulouse, France, to present their outstanding work, entitled "Hydrogen Aircraft Certification: Determination of Regulatory Gaps".

This groundbreaking study sets out to identify and bridge the regulatory gaps that currently hinder the certification of hydrogen-powered aircraft. By scrutinizing existing regulations, the research delves into the adequacy of current standards for accommodating the novel architecture and safety requirements of hydrogen-fueled aircraft. As the findings highlight that existing certification assumptions are put to the test by hydrogen-related hazards, it becomes evident that bridging these gaps is not only essential for the safe incorporation of hydrogen technology into aviation but also for the future of sustainable air travel.

As we move forward, the insights and determinations from this study are crucial in identifying and bridging regulatory gaps, paving the way for hydrogen-powered aircraft certification, in line with the Clean Aviation high-level objectives.

Let's celebrate the achievements of our CONCERTO partners and support the journey towards cleaner, greener skies!

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