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EASA Workshop on the Certification of Disruptive Technologies

Last Friday, March 1, EASA, the EU Aviation Safety Agency welcomed the CONCERTO teams, gathering for a dedicated workshop on the certification of disruptive technologies.

This event provided a unique opportunity to explore a groundbreaking concept born from CONCERTO: the Certification Readiness Levels (CRL) scale.


The CRL scale is designed to assess the certifiability of a product/system, while engaging progressively with aviation authorities, offering a crucial complement to the traditional Technology Readiness Levels (TRL).

Providing a series of guidelines and reusing industry standards, it is set to prepare the aviation product certification, while innovative solutions and product design are being matured.

Not only facilitating the certification of disruptive technologies concepts, but it also aims to reduce the time and costs for the Entry Into Service (EIS) of the next-generation aircraft.


Stay tuned for more updates on how CONCERTO, a Clean Aviation project, is shaping new methods and tools for aviation certification!


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