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Clean Aviation re-invents the certification process of aircrafts through CONCERTO

European aviation has a primary goal nowadays: to become climate neutral by 2050.

In that frame, laws and standards must be developed and verified in order to guarantee the safety of disruptive new technologies and ensure that the innovations achieved may be certified for use in the foreseeable future's air transport system.

Alex Krein, the Executive Director of Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, outlines the fundamental role of CONCERTO in the process of fostering the certification process through the active collaboration between EASA and Clean Aviation.

"As we embark on this more symbiotic relationship between innovators and the regulator, safety remains sacrosanct. To accomplish this, we intend to collaboratively leverage new technologies to enhance safety standards and improve certification methodologies.

There’s a saying in our industry that a new aircraft only receives its safety certificate when the weight of the certification paperwork equals the takeoff weight of the aircraft. Moving forwards, we'd like that process to be as paperless as possible, using digitisation to enhance safety standards, improve certification methodologies and increase efficiency.

We have therefore dedicated one of our projects, CONCERTO, to the exploration of novel certification methods and means of compliance for disruptive technologies. Our participant’s expertise in digital twins technology and digital product lifecycle management, allied with EASA’s safety competences, will ensure optimisation of the certification roadmap, using digitisation for simulation, evaluation and documentation.

It's early days, but the inauguration of this enhanced EASA-Clean Aviation collaboration means that we can forge ahead more adeptly and proficiently, unimpeded by any notions of the "chicken or egg" workflow.

Of course, it won’t all be plain sailing, but now the innovators and the regulator are on the same team, going full steam ahead to make environmentally friendly aircraft a reality, while upgrading the safety rules in the process. Collaboratively, EASA and Clean Aviation are navigating synergistically towards a more sustainable future for European aeronautics."

Read how Alex Krein elaborates in his article "Accelerating aviation's sustainability trajectory" on Clean Aviation's Executive director's blog.


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