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CONCERTO @Paris Air Show 2023

What a week it has been at the 53rd International Paris Air Show!

From 19 to 25 June, 2023, Clean Aviation showcased the latest advances on disruptive technologies, with CONCERTO being at the spotlight of certification and innovation and providing valuable insights into how these technologies can revolutionize the aviation industry and contribute to reducing its environmental footprint.

We are excited to witness how CONCERTO's regulatory material and digital certification framework will pave the way for widespread adoption of sustainable practices in aviation, ultimately leading to a greener and more efficient future for the industry.

Check the highlights from the Paris Air Show on the Clean Aviation's website.

Watch this video to learn more about the groundbreaking features of CONCERTO and how it is set to transform the aviation landscape. With its emphasis on sustainability and innovation, CONCERTO has the potential to not only reduce carbon emissions but also enhance operational efficiency, making aviation more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

During the busy Paris Air Show week, leaders and Coordinators of Clean Aviation’s Short-Medium Range projects (HEAVEN, SWITCH, OFELIA, Up Wing, FASTER-H2), hydrogen-focused project H2ELIOS and transversal project CONCERTO met for the second integration technical review meeting organised by Xavier Hue, Coordinator for the SMR ACAP (Short and Medium Range Aircraft Architecture & Technology Integration Project) and hosted by Airbus. In the frame of the technical review meeting, it was exciting to see the progress of these projects, including:

  • the cluster of aircraft configurations and trade-off studies on-going being shared and further aligned.

  • the final check on the interfaces and synergies between the projects and SMR ACAP as integration projects for the SMR Thrust.

  • progress on Overall Systems Design, Life-Cycle analyses, Digital backbone, Impact assessment and Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation.


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