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PoCs Kickoff meetings

Exciting news for CONCERTO’s progress!

The kickoff meeting of the Active Wing Proof of Concept (PoC) took place in June at Dassault Aviation, with the participation of all contributors to the PoC study, which is linked to the SMR Clean Aviation "thrust".

This was the last of the three kickoff meetings that initiate the work on the definition of generic concepts in relation to the three “thrusts” of Clean Aviation (HER, SMR, H2).

The kickoff meetings for Hydrogen PoC took place in February under the coordination of Airbus, and for High Voltage Distribution PoC in March under the coordination of Leonardo, respectively.

Stay tuned to learn more about the development of robust processes and methods to guarantee the compliance of innovative and disruptive technologies and architectures with certification requirements in aviation and a safe integration of these new concepts.


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